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Pet Relocation Services

We make all aspects of pet relocation as safe & worry free as possible.

Ragdoll Cat

We have been established  since 2005 and have over 10 years experience in sending pets across boarders.

Pet Travel, immigrating or emigrating with pets can be a daunting task.  We specialize in getting your dogs and cats from Hong Kong and surrounding areas to their final destinations abroad stress-free and with ease.  Our competent staff have  over  10  years of experience with the successful relocation of thousands of pets locally and Internationally 

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Pet Immigration

We would like to make you aware that pet travel is vastly different to human travel. There are country regulations, airlines stipulations and veterinary requirements that have to be considered and adhered to before the actual travel arrangements​ can be made for your pets.
We will provide you with professional and up to date pet travel guidance and expertise concerning your destination country’s specific requirements and your pet’s veterinary preparations.​
Jet Pet will happily shoulder all the anxieties you may have to safely​and ethically reunite your family in your new home.

  • Obtain, receive and accept our quote

  • Understand your pet’s travel requirements with your consultant’s guidance

  • Veterinary schedules and timelines provided by our consultant 

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Pet Import

Our standard Import Quote usually includes only the entry into Hong Kong import services and excludes the airfreight and export services from your country of origin. However, should you require a full door to door service we can happily oblige and provide you with an all inclusive quote.

  • Your dedicated consultant will advise you on the requirements and documentation needed to enter Hong Kong.

  • We will apply for and collect your import permit.

  • Upon arrival in Hong Kong we will meet the incoming flight and liaise with the official vet and customs officers to clear your pets into Hong Kong.

  • We will collect your pet from the airline and deliver to your new residence.

  • If quarantine is required, we will arrange their stay at the quarantine facility and once completed we will collect  and deliver your pets to your new residence.

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